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Why I still make time for Christmas cards

Seems with every passing year, my mailbox receives less and less Christmas cards. I remember as a kid being so excited to go to the end of the long driveway to see what might be in our mailbox each day in December. I remember getting hand full of cards some days and it was exciting to open them and see who was thinking of us. I can’t say much has changed as an adult. I still look forward to pretty cards with endearing messages from someone I love. The thing is, technology can not replace a tangible card in my hand to see and hold and feel the thoughtfulness. Text messages and e cards just don’t do it and I feel sad that even my kids are getting away from thinking cards and hand-written letters are a thing of thoughtfulness.

Christmas cards are a part of American and British holiday tradition since the 1800’s. It’s like Christmas trees, candy canes and eggnog. Yet I think people are choosing to let the card tradition go in the sake of busy lives.

I decided along time ago that cards will always be a tradition for me. I must fight the fight of making time, but enjoy the process of picking out cards and writing sentiments to each person that is named on the envelope. Most years I try to have a family picture, but some years it just doesn’t happen, and I’ve learned to be ok with that.

I guess my thinking is, I want you to know that I set time apart, and was intentional to send a hug in the mail ( that’s what call it). Words to let you know, you mean something to me and you missed and thought of.

I may be old fashion, but I think we need more of that…words on paper to let people know we care for them!

Don’t let a great Christmas tradition die! Take the time, write words of encouragement, thoughtfulness and Holiday cheer in a Christmas card!  It will warm the heart of many that receive it and if they are like me..they might even save the card! 😊


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