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Welcome to my blog! I am Deb, Pastry Chef, business owner, wife of 20+ years to my high school sweetheart, mother of 2 great teenagers, lover of Jesus and everything sweet!

I want this blog to be fun, inspiring, encouraging and able to motivate you! I have always had a passion for encouraging and inspiring women. My love for Jesus is the center of all I do business-wise and personally. He is the one that gives me the desire and vision to help women create a life that is intentional.

Living intentionally is how I strive to live. The older I get the more I believe it is necessary. Life is crazy, and it’s hard to handle sometimes….the good and bad! We live in a world that wants to suck up every second of our day, keeping us unfocused and distracted many times over. Though we can’t change the world we live in, we can stand and do what’s right with God’s leading and strength. My heart is to see you rise above the craziness of life and be intentional in serving others. I desire to help you find ways to be a blessing and create memories for family and people you care about. Leaving a legacy!

So will you join me? I want to inspire you to cook and bake special meals, help you plan creative moments of fun for your loved ones and friends. Perhaps most importantly, offer moments of reflection as we pause and see God in all that we do. He speaks to us, we just need to slow down and hear His still small voice.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Debs, I meant to tell you, I’m beyond stoked about you starting a blog. And the first entry about a tea party has me wishing I could be seeping some with you right now. What a beautiful blog! Go Debs!

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