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Precious moments


I love looking at photos and I love taking photos (if they aren’t of me, of course) It’s a relaxing hobby of mine to dabble in photography and to craft scrape books.

Since the time I was a young girl, I have always loved pictures. My mom had a library of photos of us kids in perfect chronological order. It was all nice and neat and I would sit for hours and just look at them and reminiscent of those times. Many pictures I don’t remember the moment that was happening and I would play out in my mind what it was like at that moment.

Technology has dramatically changed the way we take photos.  It’s pretty incredible how smart phones have changed even how much we take photos. I’m pretty tech-challenged and they only reason I bought a smart phone was for the picture application. The ease of use and the quality of the pictures is amazing.

Even with our smart phones and their pictures storage, nothing is like having a book to look through and to see the pictures as a story line. You can have iclouds full of pictures, but there is something about a scrap book that has pictures displayed with captions and special touches to make more special. It’s a book of our life. Though it’s mainly the highlights, it reminds of us of our blessings. In our ever so crazy society, we tend to forget the special moments, and some of the details of them. WE need reminders of those times, we need to look back of God’s goodness in our lives and give thanks. They say picture is worth a thousand words. I say a picture is full of thousand emotions, memories and words, all in one.IMG_0162.JPG

Make the investment to develop those pictures, put them in a book. If you’re the crafty type, scrap book them. You will cherish the memories as you take the time to turn them into a book. When I’m pressed for time and I really want a book done, I’ll download the pictures on to Shutterfly and they will make the book for me! You can add captions as well.  Your children will love it too. My kids get them out all the time and love talking about the stories of the pictures. Many times if they don’t remember they will ask me to tell the story about it again and again.

Precious moments, we capture them on phones all the time, now let’s turn them into a book of remembrance! You will love it!

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