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Fall Tea

fall-tea2It’s been awhile since I have posted anything on Tea. I love having Tea Parties and I wish I could host them more often. This time of year its a must though, because I have so many tea items that I can not use any other time of year. The fall colored tea pots, plates and napkin holders…. it all makes me so happy!

I hosted a Fall Tea for one of my neighbors and her daughter. It was so much fun preparing pumpkin scones, egg salad triangles, mini quiches and brownie bites. I must let you know as well,that I prepared ALL of these tea items gluten free and sugar free. It was a challenge, but I pulled it off for my guests and they enjoyed it!

Let me inspire you to pull those plates out and use them…ya know the ones you have buried away and you use the excuse you don’t have time to use them. Get them out, make a pot of tea and think of a simple fall inspired menu to prepare for some one you have been meaning to spend a little quality time with! It will bring joy to you, trust me!

Tea Time is meant to be savored, not rushed! 🙂


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