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Summer fun in THE city

Last month I was blessed to have the opportunity to go on an adventure to NYC/NJ with my daughter Emma. It was a 5 am flight and boy, was that rough getting to airport at 4 am!!  This view was a perfect start to the trip, how beautiful is that?

nyMy bestie and her loving husband were our tour guides for the 2 day adventure. It was Emma’s first time there and she was wide open to take it all in.

We saw a lot of landmarks, St Patrick cathedral( oh my that church is beautiful!!), Rockefeller center, Time square , Sax Fifth Ave ( yes, a girl must see where these people shop) and we saw many buildings that I can t even tell you what they were, they were just so neat to look at! 🙂

We ate..A LOT! I had to go to Eataly, Magnolia bakery, Lady M’s famous desserts and have authentic Thai food. We ate more than this, trust me this is just some of the high lights!!

 We even were able to ride the Speed boat “THE BEAST” that goes around lady Liberty. That was a high light,so very FUN!


It was a super fun trip and I’m so glad Emma was able to experience it. But you may say why am I blogging this trip? People go to NYC all the time. Well, I like to give perspective to things in life. This trip was pretty intentional. It’s difficult taking 2 vacations in 2 months when you are self employed. Taking time off means..ya know, no paycheck! But I started 2016 believing that I have continue being intentional in making memories with my family and with Emma while she still likes mom around. I don’t take for granted in these teen years that she enjoys me being close knitted in her life. It could change..but I hope not!

I challenge you to think of some memory making moments  to PLAN! I know for a fact that if planning and  arranging calendars don’t take priority, life will wizz by and you will see another month or year go by.I don’t want regrets later in my life that I wasn’t more diligent in managing my time with my family.

So I say to you…LIVE ON PURPOSE, go get your calendar out and plan!


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