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New Tradition

Over Spring break I had the pleasure of taking my daughter Emma on our 1st annual Mother Daughter road trip. I like traditions, and as the kids get older I find myself creating new ones to keep connected to them. Teenage years I find more and more challenging to keep connected to their hearts. I knew she would not oppose a road trip!
We had the best stay at a historic Bed & Breakfast. Now I have stayed in many B&Bs, but this one is on my top 5. Arrowhead Inn is a plantation home that dates back to 1775. So many different aspect of the home to enjoy. The library, dining area for afternoon snacks and tea, and then breakfast in the morning. They had so many different flower gardens outside, and a gazebo to relax in as well. The breakfast was an amazing gourmet experience with poached fruit, homemade cinnamon rolls, asparagus strata and more. This place inspires you to just relax. If it would of been possible, I would have stayed there for a week!
We were able to go to art museums, botanical gardens, and the Science Life Center. All wonderful opportunities to enjoy art and nature. My kind of relaxing!
I really enjoyed having 2 days of unplugged enjoyment with Emma. The conversations we had, free of interruptions, distractions or regular stress from everyday life. We talked about all the important things you need to talk about: Jesus, shoes and boys!
I can’t wait until next year to do it again. No matter if you have a son or daughter, start a tradition to do one on one with them in environments that keep you from distractions. They need our attention more than we know. They don’t understand what it means to enjoy life unplugged if we don’t give them the experience of it. I want Emma to know that relationships are more enjoyable without tvs, computer, phones, and devices all around us.
So, start planning that day trip, or overnight road trip. Even if you have to save up for it…PLAN IT, or it won’t ever happen! Start a tradition that will make memories to last forever!

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