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My Happy Place

I know this is not my norm, but I’m not blogging about a food this time..I wanted to share a little about Life! I wanted to share a bit about my personal journey this year.

As I have mentioned in a couple posts, we moved VERY fast this year. It was a whirlwind, not really expected on my part and I have been flooded with about every emotion possible ..I mean in one day I am excited, scared out of my mind, grateful, worried, exhausted, back to grateful again. Sounds normal? Well lets just say for me feeling all these extreme emotions all in a day..day after day can leave you..drained. It actually has been leaving me feel isolated and even depressed..which is not like me. Add to that, when God has been so VERY faithful to us and opened so many doors you feel ashamed of feeling depressed, like your not grateful. Ever happen to you? You can have all right things happening in your life, but feel a sense of depression to take over?

It wasn’t til a month ago I got a revelation… maybe we weren’t meant to feel all these emotions on a regular basis so intensely. I wasn’t honestly trusting God like I know I should be and it was leaving me drained. I wasn’t leaving space in my mind to be just at peace.

Do you have a place..I mean some where to go to, to  just emotionally and mentally relax each day ? A room in the house?, A place outside? A corner in a certain room? Years a go when I was battling depression after the birth of my daughter I read an article of a lady who had experienced a major tragedy and she talked about battling her depression with a Happy Place. She created a room to go in, that would bring her joy, peaceful, loving thoughts. No matter how depressed she would be, she would get  happy, even for a moment in this room.

So this is really honestly  what birthed my passion for my tea rooms in the past 2 houses I have had. My love for china and pretty things all in one room.. and no matter how stressed I would be, sad or overwhelmed…it made me happy even for a moment.

I have always wanted to share my Happy Place with people..sharing my love for tea time has been a release of a passion. I have always felt  that we dont slow down enough in life to enjoy little things that bring us joy. I am so happy, like REALLY happy to say God has given me my hearts desire..a room that is large enough to share with other women! My happy place has been enlarged! I will be able to have up to 18 women in one room if needed and share the joy of tea time with them. Give them a place of Happy, to celebrate life in one form or another.

Since I have been working so hard to get this room ready to share..I got my happy back, even if for little moments here and there. I feel joy there and I know God is gonna get all the glory for it!

This dress you guys…was my grandmas graduation dress and hand made by her mom. My dad found it going through their things this past yea.r as they are all with Jesus now. Talk about happy tears!!..When I think of the history of that dress and the past 80 plus years its been in a box ready to be put on display in my Happy Room, Oh LORD! Its like my grandma is here..watching us have tea and I know it would put a smile on her face!

I just wanted to share a bit of Happy with you! Most of all, just prompting you to ask the question..are you giving your self a place to slow down? Are you having quiet time to slow down and talk to the one who created you? Jesus offers us peace, but we have to take it. Its ours for the taking, but many times we have excuses of why we cant be at peace.

“The Lord will give strength unto his people; the Lord will bless his people with peace” psalms 29:11

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