Sweet Reflection

It’s not Spring until you get a duck

In the spirit of Spring this month, I am posting different Spring inspired ideas. This post is not meant to inspire you to buy a duck, in no way. However, I just had to share a piece of my eventful life.

Last week my husband decided to bring home a duck..No, not just 1, but 2. He had decided he wanted to have a new pet…. If you know me, you know I am not the animal lovin kind. I tolerate most animals. Nice to look at, and yes I’m happy for you!

Well, I must say for now these guys are full of character and so cute. I know the cuteness is temporary and I have no idea what it will mean having them around in 3 months from now. So I’m just focusing on the cuteness..Meet Chicken and Waffles. (no, I did not name them!)

To all you animal lovers, enjoy these pictures of PURE cuteness! Its Spring!

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