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French Macaroons

IMG_4235These cute things are all the rage right now! Everywhere I look on social media these days, French macaroons are found.Its pretty funny to me because in culinary school, no one liked making them or eating them! To create these little buggers, you can not be a baker faint of heart.You have to be precise in every  detail. If you follow all instructions, you are guaranteed to have yourself a cute ( and yes you can make them yummy) fancy cookie to have with tea or coffee. Not to mention you will save some money. They run $2-3 each in most bakeries..and can I say, if it has some chocolate in the middle, I’m not just eating one!

I’m not going to do directions on these guys, but offer links to people who already have done a wonderful job of it.So, get your apron on, take a deep breath and go make these cute things! You will be so happy you did!

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