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Flower Challenge

This past February I put out a challenge to the ladies in my bible study group to show acts of kindness to women around them for Valentine’s day. Random acts of kindness seem to be a movement these days and I love the idea. In my experience acts of kindness comes with intention. For me, if I were to wait for a random time to feel inspired to love on someone, it most likely would not happen as much because the distractions of everyday life.

I challenged the ladies to thoughtfully pray for people they encounter, that might really be blessed by the gift of flowers for Valentine’s day. I know it’s a Hallmark date, but there are women that feel forgotten or overlooked in general that would be blessed by thoughtfulness. Widows, divorced women still navigating hurtful waters of recovery, shut ins and more.

I purchased over 18 bouquets of flowers and we got together, wrapped them up, made cards and prayed for each bouquet to be a blessing to the person that received them. The stories that came back were amazing! Women that were widows feeling loved, bus drivers feeling appreciated, cancer patients smiling through physical hurts because they were thought of and more.

I think this needs to be done more and there is power in getting people to join you in this type of activity. You never how such small things can have a big ripple effect in someone’s life.

Take the challenge to get a group of people together, make cards of encouragement and purchase flowers and start passing them out! It is fun and so rewarding!

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