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Chocolate Strawberries


It’s fun to make strawberries all year, but at Valentine’s Day, it’s my “go to “of desserts. Who doesn’t love chocolate and strawberries? But I don’t stop there, I like to roll them around in coconut,toasted nuts, crushed Oreo’s, mini m and m’s and toffee bits.

 There are all types of chocolate you can use. Keep in mind the better quality of chocolate, yummier the taste! Melt chocolate (microwave safe dish) in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds to keep it from burning until its melted and smooth. Dip your strawberries and the let the rolling begin! Your loved ones will know you love them when you present these beauties to them!


One thought on “Chocolate Strawberries

  1. I did some today. Your’s are so much prettier. lol! I should have left the little stem on them. Oh well, my men will love them anyway, and enjoy the taste I’m sure!

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