Linzer Cookies

This February I wanna go back in time when I used to make Linzer Cookies for all the people in my life for the sweet holiday called Valentine’s Day. For me, it was such a fun cookie! Yes there is no chocolate involved, but its so full of yummy flavors and so pretty you almost… Continue reading Linzer Cookies

Old Fashion Apple Cake

Its October and nothing in SC feels like Fall. Its highs of 95 and lows of 70 at night. I know soon..well I hope SOON will be feeling like the trees will be changing color and I’ll actually need a sweater. Trying to be patient’s coming! While I wait, I think of all… Continue reading Old Fashion Apple Cake

Summer Fruit Tart

Summer, oh how we long for it..cant wait for it and then it arrives with 98 degree weather and it leaves me tired..unmotivated and dreading the very thought of going outside. In the winter and spring months I day dream of all the exciting things Im gonna do when summer is here…beach, swimming, evening walks,… Continue reading Summer Fruit Tart