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Sweet Matrimony

This past month my “little” brother got married…FINALLY. Yes, I can shout it, FINALLY! It’s not so much as I feel relieved because he’s staring 30 in the eyes, as so much as he has had a long journey to make it to the altar of matrimony.
His journey to finding “whom my soul loveth “(song of Solomon 3:4) was a long, complicated one. Very painful and sometimes unbearable, the hearts aches and seemly unnecessary scenarios God allowed him to go through. He would often call me and say how he felt like God had his prayers on mute.
To see him and his new beautiful bride at the altar that day (altar by the water ), reciting their own personal vows to each other, seeing the tears of joy stream down their faces. It was a beautiful moment. Publically announcing their love and affection to each other, making a public statement to love each other with the strength that only God can give. I admit I was so happy my mother stuffed a tissue in my purse because I needed it! I couldn’t help but to think in that moment, that God’s promises are forever, without fail. He might allow us to journey long, lonely roads that seem at the time to be going nowhere. Those journeys are to strengthen us, and make our faith stronger. Our promises of Gods faithfulness never expire and He is rewarder of those who seek him in the good and in the heartache.
So if you feel like God has put your prayers on mute today, be encouraged, the story is not over, you just need to keep seeking him. Your answered prayer is coming. Just hold on. He is FAITHFUL, always.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures, there where so many beautiful details, and beautiful people, it was hard to choose a few! So blessed to be apart of this special day!

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