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She is that kind of Friend!

If you are so blessed; you have a friend that is a forever friend. This person is the friend that no matter the distance between you, she always stays in touch. She always makes time to return your text messages and phone calls. She always calls you on your birthday and gets the family to sing you the sweetest song of happy birthday. She makes it a priority to continue a family/friend Christmas tradition that has been going strong since 2002. This tradition is no easy task; it requires traveling with 3 kids for 8 hours to my home. We spend 3 wonderful days full of picture taking, Christmas cookie making, gingerbread crafting and much fun. We play lots of Christmas bingo and drink awesome hot chocolate and eat way too much sugar.
There’s more though, she’s the friend that no matter what she’s going through, will be available to listen if you need to just vent or share a cry with. She is the friend that always points you to God in every circumstance. She is the friend you can just laugh about the challenges of being married to a complete opposite…and won’t judge you, but always helps you find the humor in it. She’s the friend that loves your kids like they are her own, never forgetting their birthdays and birthday songs, and she respects your husband and encourages you in your marriage.
Susan is that friend to me and I am blessed enough to have a couple of these friends in my life, but today I want to honor Susan celebrating her Sweet 50th birthday. She is truly the youngest 50-year-old you will ever meet. All who know and love her stand in awe of her energy and enthusiasm for God and her family.
Happy Birthday Sweet Susan! I praise God for you! Thank you for being That friend!

Sorry, I did not have better pictures Sue, but we still look good! :)lol


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