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Blackberry Jam

I have been  fascinated with farmers markets this summer, and all the beautiful berries. I can not just simply pass them by! The berries have been so gorgeous that I have been wanting to explore making things with them that I have never made before.

Jam and jellies are what I was raised on. Every morning I had usually had cereal  or toast with jam. My grandma and mother always spent summer months making home made jams. I am pretty sure my love for it must connect to the English roots in me, because nothing makes me happier than a scone, biscuit or toast with jam.( don’t forget the tea too! )

I have never really made jam or jellies much though. I have been intimated by the exactness of the process! My mother would always say make sure its exact! Hmm…Im not good at that! HA!

But I must say this attempt to blackberry jam was fun and it came out so yummy!! I will making more, for sure!

Yay to exploring in the kitchen! How about you?? What are you exploring in the kitchen??

I did not re invent or come up with my own recipe with this because I was experimenting! Here is the link to SURE JELL site. I used their recipe to get started, and I want to say it was a good recipe for a simple yummy all blackberry jam! The only difference is I did not strain the seeds, I like the seeds 🙂

Blackberry Jam

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